23 April, 2012

Refreshes the parts digital can't reach

It's been a while since I posted any work. That's not because I haven't been doing anything for the past couple of months or that what I have done is of any less quality. No, I've still been ploughing away in the digital fields sowing Facebook apps and emails to the masses. One thing that did however get sent our way was a single 4pp post card/mailpack to announce the launch of the recently face lifted Citroen C1*.

Direct Mail in the age of the digital banner - OK, let's just get this done shall we! However, once the brief was 'briefed' and we dusted off the magic idea markers and layout pads it was actually quite nice to get old style creative on ourselves. Yes it was only a post card, but there was something nice about having to put an idea on something that people were going to pick up off their door mats again. I'm not saying we don't do that with the digital process but it was somehow new and exciting, like when it was the other way round and we were itching to do the digital stuff.

It won't win any awards and it'll probably end up in most people's recycling (if they're doing it properly) but I really enjoyed this little project and i'm quite happy to say it's one of the best bits I've done this year.

Of course the client should see the genius in the idea and stump up the cash for some 6-sheets and role out a nationwide campaign on this thought - but I would think that wouldn't I?

Anyway, have read of the stats - we had fun finding them.

*If you've seen my work, you'll already know that I've done a similar piece for the then updated Peugeot 207 that played on the plastic surgery facelift thought - bandages included. I even won an award for it (Trumpet blown). That does however mean I can't use it again for a few years.

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