08 December, 2011

It's Christmas time...

A jolly little ditty about good old-fashioned TV advertising at Christmas...

Plus, I couldn't not post up my favourite Christmas 'film' from Tom Kuntz. It's a few year's old now and  seriously NSFW - dark, odd and hilarious to boot.

Warm & Fuzzy Feeling

Merry Xmas.

07 December, 2011

Blog neglect

On my desktop is a folder that says 'Things to Blog' in which I put all the tasty internet nuggets that I think are worthy of this blog (there's even some new work to put up). The problem is, I've been seeing another blog. I know it's just a fad and it won't last but we're just having a bit of fun. 

I didn't intend to cheat on HBT, but hopefully you'll understand why I have.

It's called 'Christmas all wrapped up' and it's an homage to that advertising line that we are all guilty of using at least once in our (brief) careers. With such a classic line we (my creative peers) thought it would be interesting to document how many times and companies use this festive slogan to Christmas up their ad campaigns. It started as a bit of a joke but as we're up to about 30 individual posts it's actually quite interesting to see where it gets used and compelling as to where it will pop up next.

Most of the posts are from the UK however, we're hoping our international Adland brethren will get involved and send us any CAWU spots. 

Anyway, I'll stop talking it up and let you judge for yourself whether HBT deserves to be neglected.

Btw, if you see a CAWU slogan yourself please take a pic. 

(Apologies HBT, I won't use you to promote my other blog again.)

See you in January 

22 November, 2011

Bento(n) on the Box

The internet is in love with Benton, here's why.

Now off the leash, Benton roams freely across the internet, turning up all over the place.

01 November, 2011

What's new this Tuesday?

If, like me, you like to think you're the-guy-who-finds-all-the-funny-internet-shit-first-and-sends-it-to-your-friends-because-being-first-in-some-way-makes-you-cool-and-not-pathetic, then this website should help.


19 October, 2011

How to perk up a mid-week lull

What better way to lighten the mood than witha picture of dog and a cat dressed as the blues brothers, a talking cow and a Kevin Bacon/Steve Jobs gag. My work here is done. Afternoon everyone.

10 October, 2011

Lion takes no prisoners

I recently (after 3 years of moaning and whinging) finally got a new mac at work. OK, it's only a mini, however just to be on the 'intel' side of the fence has been a bonus. Having had a few weeks with it now, i've discovered that the operating software is somewhat more 'bloody' and straight to the point. If you ever needed proof that the machines would one day rise up and destroy us all, then this is a pretty good indication.

06 October, 2011

Down(town) Time

Every once in a while we get a few precious hours to self-reflect, tidy up our work spaces, clear away the mountain of (now) dead briefs and recharge before doing battle with another slightly warped proposition. In this time, occasionally I like to change my screensaver from a photo of my cool, year-old son in his latest Adidas kicks just to keep things fresh.

And this is by far the 'Phreshest' saver i've had in a while - Out Run this 90s bad boy. (Don't worry Finn, daddy will change it back shortly.)

13 September, 2011

Krave goes mobile - the relentless pursuit goes outside

An article and YouTube video about our latest bit of work, where we created a Smartphone app to compliment the Krave Krusader Facebook game.

11 August, 2011

The Riot Collection

Over the last few days we've seen looting and vandalism. We've seen destruction and fires. People have lost businesses and homes. Fortunately, throughout all this, people's spirits have not been broken and in some respect communities have become closer. Here is a selection of some of the best websites, links, films and images that have helped to keep the rest of us sane over the past week.


The 'Blitz Spirit' still alive and well in Clapham Junction. Probably the most iconic photo of the aftermath. Using the hashtag #londoncleanup on twitter, people en masse arranged to meet at rioted areas and offer their time (and brooms) to clean up the devastation the following morning.

During the riots at Clapham Junction, my local fancy dress shop, the 'Party Superstore' got raided and torched. I found this image and thought it a fitting tribute.


89 year-old Aaron Biber had his barbers ransacked by hooded looters. Without insurance, it looks like he may have to close it for good. Two junior creatives at BBH have created this site where people can donate just a £1 to help save this salon and show the looters that good will always overcome evil. So far donations are up to £11,602.91

06 July, 2011

Would the last creative please turn off the lights.

Like someone revealing all the tricks of the magic circle, someone has gone public on how (as a creative) we come up with the right solution for digital. Well it was fun while it lasted.

Here it is:


05 July, 2011

These are my new commuter friends now.

The only thing missing is the 'Sevenoaks' platform sign. Pink Converse get some very odd looks at 08:11.

04 July, 2011

The Big Bus Challenge 2011

Campaign/Marketing magazine recently ran a competition within the industry to help promote the media hub that is the humble bus side. The competition could be for any existing client regional or national - the prize being 200k worth of free bus-vertising. Having worked with Paddy Power we've just entered our idea to promote their poker site with our own intepretation 'Bus Poker' which uses it's passengers as the cards. Here's our entry and an explanation of the idea. Who knows if it'll win, but it's nice to do a bit of spec/comp stuff. I think off the back of it, we'll look to do a lot more of it.

The idea

Paddy Power Bus Poker is an idea that adds a touch of poker fun to waiting for a bus.

The bus panels act as both our ‘Card Table’ and direct viewers to a website/Facebook page that explains how to play ‘Bus Poker’ in a series of films and guides and subsequently promotes the wide range of poker games available at PPP.com.

How to Play
The main premise is that people sat within a designated section on the bus are the 'Cards' and players (between 2 and 4) use them in an interpretation of Poker. After deciding who starts (the big blind), the first bus to arrive will act as his/her 'hand'.

* On the bus, a section of a row of five seats acts as a hand of cards.
* The first player can play or fold.
* The remaining player/s wait for subsequent buses to receive their hands. The winner is (like poker) the one with the best hand.
* Players can add a cash incentive but all players must agree this beforehand.

Card values
Cards are denoted by age and sex:
* OAPs = Aces
* Men = Kings
* Women = Queens
* Teenagers = Jacks
* Children =10s

E.G: 2 women, 2 men and an OAP = Poker hand of 2 pairs (Kings & Queens)

15 June, 2011

Go the F**k to....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Teething, nightmares, getting caught between the bars of his cot, just not tired at 5am. All these things I am going through at the moment. At least someone else is as well.

14 June, 2011

A spoonful of Krave - How the campaign worked out.

Kelloggs Krave Wash Up film

After a few tears, a lot of sugar and a baby in the middle of it, you can view the fruits of our labour on Kelloggs Krave - this was initially the pitch winning work that they ended up buying and running. Of course Facebook and it's revolving policy changes to corporate pages would've meant we couldn't do it now.

Back then it was so much easier to get people to 'Like' you.

27 May, 2011

Sesame Street Zombies Treat

Here are a few of Evan Cheng's Sesame Zombies. He's “an art director with Sesame Workshop by day and An Artist Seeking The Next Great Project by night.” Delightfully dark, sinister and childish, nothing is safe from our childhood. I know, I have seen the S&M Barbie shots that are sNSFW.

26 May, 2011

We done a movie about Krave and put it on FB

Watch it here

Choc Exchange

In January 2010 Kellogg’s had yet to venture into the social space however when launching their new product, Krave, aimed exclusively at a youth audience they knew that they had to be brave and take the plunge.

They appointed CMW and the rest, as they say, is history.

The hub of the campaign was the creation of the Choc Exchange – think ebay where people have to take part in social tasks (photo tagging, status updates, content creation, inviting their mates to join in) to amass a virtual currency that they can bid with for prizes, ranging from gig tickets and ipads to branded merchandise and giant boxes of Krave.

This wasn’t just a toe in the social water though. Kellogg’s embraced all that is good in social. Within six months they had, not only amassed more than 80k very engaged fans, they were listening to the dialogue taking place and reacting to it:

• Giving people the branded merchandise they wanted, allowing them to vote which design would be produced and given away as limited edition prizes
• Commissioning special giant boxes when there was a groundswell of people demanding them
• Creating secret codes in-pack allowing people the chance to win more prizes via the Facebook Choc Exchange promotion
• Launching a new product variant exclusively through social channels

The sales team even use comments posted on Facebook about how hard it was to find the product in one supermarket to successfully petition the retailer to improve it’s listing of the product.

Finally, and most impressively for a company so new to social, Kellogg’s let the conversation run free. On the day of the launch of the Facebook page there was a danger of it being hijacked by a mum with an axe to grind claiming Krave can lead to ADHD – rather than pull down the post and censor we let the debate play out with fans rallying behind the brand leading the critic to back down from her claims and go some way to admitting that they were unfounded.
Campaign Performance

Facebook recognized Krave as being in the top 10 of all FMCG pages in terms of natural growth and top 25% of all launches.

Cross media and brand tracking showed the campaign exceeded all expectations in terms of ROI, awareness, engagement and preference however the detail of these metrics remain confidential.

The success of the campaign has led to a fundamental change in Kellogg’s approach to digital not just in the UK but also on a global basis.
Campaign Info

* Client: Kellogg's
* Brand: Krave
* Agency: CMW, London
* Target: UK · Europe, Middle East & Africa
* Language: English (UK)
* Category: Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG)
* Objectives: Awareness, Preference, Intent, Online Traffic, Recommendation, Product Launch
* Media: Tv, Online, OOH

Creative and description provided by contributing agency or brand.

Creative Director: Iain Hunter, CMW
Art Director: Dan Plotkin, CMW
Copywriter: George Leaney, CMW
Senior Account Director: Matt Smith, CMW
Senior Account Manager: Anna Pinckernelle, CMW
Technical Director: Matt Klippel, CMW
Designer: Daniel Diggle, CMW
Head of Digital Planning: Steve Taylor, CMW

Surprised there wasn't more New York, New York - Sinatra replies

04 May, 2011

Taking a 'pop' at the old flick book style

How does someone come up with this stuff? I need to watch more Japanese TV/Cartoons me thinks.

20 April, 2011

Wouldn't it be great if the car was a Ford (Millenium) Falcon?

Easter Eggs

A bit like my new family, my blog has probably been a bit neglected of late. So I will make an effort to spend more time with it (and the family). So as a treat (well, it is Easter), here's my son Finn's first taste of food and some good old-fashioned childish stuff.

And now the childish stuff.

Dear Zoltan, I want to be the next generation

And finally, something to offend pretty much everyone this Easter, apart from my Dad of course.

04 April, 2011

This hits the right note

Personally, if I had to work out every single note and gradient, there'd be a lot of tiny splinters strewn across that forest. Tip of the hat to the guy who made the creative a reality.

18 March, 2011

The 80s owe the luxury car industry a big apology

Someone or something should be made accountable for these abominations. Proof that money can't buy you taste and that you hadn't truly 'made it' unless you had a drinks cabinet built into the rear armrest.

Check out some of the worst coachworks/customisers/tuning houses that performed cruelty to beautiful cars.


08 March, 2011

Parody is the sincerest form of flattery

I love a good old-fashioned piss take and quite proud that our campaign was worthy of one. Having read the ABL executions (not our work) i'm inclined to prefer this alternative execution too.