11 August, 2011

The Riot Collection

Over the last few days we've seen looting and vandalism. We've seen destruction and fires. People have lost businesses and homes. Fortunately, throughout all this, people's spirits have not been broken and in some respect communities have become closer. Here is a selection of some of the best websites, links, films and images that have helped to keep the rest of us sane over the past week.


The 'Blitz Spirit' still alive and well in Clapham Junction. Probably the most iconic photo of the aftermath. Using the hashtag #londoncleanup on twitter, people en masse arranged to meet at rioted areas and offer their time (and brooms) to clean up the devastation the following morning.

During the riots at Clapham Junction, my local fancy dress shop, the 'Party Superstore' got raided and torched. I found this image and thought it a fitting tribute.


89 year-old Aaron Biber had his barbers ransacked by hooded looters. Without insurance, it looks like he may have to close it for good. Two junior creatives at BBH have created this site where people can donate just a £1 to help save this salon and show the looters that good will always overcome evil. So far donations are up to £11,602.91