18 March, 2011

The 80s owe the luxury car industry a big apology

Someone or something should be made accountable for these abominations. Proof that money can't buy you taste and that you hadn't truly 'made it' unless you had a drinks cabinet built into the rear armrest.

Check out some of the worst coachworks/customisers/tuning houses that performed cruelty to beautiful cars.


08 March, 2011

Parody is the sincerest form of flattery

I love a good old-fashioned piss take and quite proud that our campaign was worthy of one. Having read the ABL executions (not our work) i'm inclined to prefer this alternative execution too.

06 March, 2011

McCain Rustics Facebook app '11

Bit of an odd one. This initially started off as the winning work myself and Dan did to secure the McCain digital pitch. After winning it, the client then presented this to their peers and subsequently it was decided they wanted to actually run the work - this meant any work BMB were doing was halted and they were told to follow our creative lead and produce an ATL poster/press campaign to mirror our creative. High praise indeed.

Anyway, the idea came about that because Rustics were only 3% fat we came to the conclusion that these were the only chips that were guilt free - 100% in fact. So on the guilt angle, we came up with the idea that if we could take the guilt of chips, what else could we take the guilt out of? Rustics are targeted at women (20-35) so we wanted some eye-candy, who would be able to absolve them of any of their guilty secrets with a glint in his eye -thus Ben was born - our rustic handsome farmer.

Fans of Rustics would log in to the app, write a confession and then send it to Ben. We had filmed over 35 responses that we tailored to keywords within peoples confession. i.e. Boyfriend, Crash, Broke, Bought, Lied, Killed or Hid (to name a few), once sent to our database, our response generator would send the appropriate reply so it would seem like Ben had a private response to the user.

Designed as a Facebook app, it was McCain's first foray into social media so we were particularly attentive to their requirements while still managing to maintain a lightness of touch and slight tongue-in-cheeky-ness. The real fun (it has to be said) is reading all the confessions which we have on database (i'll post some up a bit later).