26 April, 2012

I'm just going to leave this here...

Advertising Tumblr of the Day:
This Advertising Life.

Image courtesy of the Jr Art Director Meme

23 April, 2012

Refreshes the parts digital can't reach

It's been a while since I posted any work. That's not because I haven't been doing anything for the past couple of months or that what I have done is of any less quality. No, I've still been ploughing away in the digital fields sowing Facebook apps and emails to the masses. One thing that did however get sent our way was a single 4pp post card/mailpack to announce the launch of the recently face lifted Citroen C1*.

Direct Mail in the age of the digital banner - OK, let's just get this done shall we! However, once the brief was 'briefed' and we dusted off the magic idea markers and layout pads it was actually quite nice to get old style creative on ourselves. Yes it was only a post card, but there was something nice about having to put an idea on something that people were going to pick up off their door mats again. I'm not saying we don't do that with the digital process but it was somehow new and exciting, like when it was the other way round and we were itching to do the digital stuff.

It won't win any awards and it'll probably end up in most people's recycling (if they're doing it properly) but I really enjoyed this little project and i'm quite happy to say it's one of the best bits I've done this year.

Of course the client should see the genius in the idea and stump up the cash for some 6-sheets and role out a nationwide campaign on this thought - but I would think that wouldn't I?

Anyway, have read of the stats - we had fun finding them.

*If you've seen my work, you'll already know that I've done a similar piece for the then updated Peugeot 207 that played on the plastic surgery facelift thought - bandages included. I even won an award for it (Trumpet blown). That does however mean I can't use it again for a few years.

18 April, 2012

Olympic Shames - #1

With the Olympics just 100 days away, I have taken it upon myself to share with you all the best (and I mean worst) of the products/services that have spent a small African country's budget to be allowed to put some coloured rings next to their logo this summer.

I actually like the Olympic games and if anything, all these promotions will only heighten the anticipation further - if only to find the most awful, possibly inappropriate Olympian relationship.

In no particular order, I begin with Panasonic.

It starts like the opening scene to '28 Days Later' - This is a good and honest start as every Londoner will have vacated the area or been forced to move out as prices from everything from a Starbuck's Latte to a single bus journey will have tripled for the duration.

Not one single frame shows a true reflection of the weather - 2012 umbrellas will be harder to buy than 100M final tickets.

As Jon W (who will be a vital contributor to this said), '...the natural look of wonderment in the 'passers by' is priceless...' 

The fusion of stock film, Olympic footage (tip of the hat for marrying the guys excited expression with the Rhythmic Gymnastics projected on City Hall) and rallying cries of 'Sharing the Passion' have blended together to give us something the world can all look forward to.

It's a strong start from Panasonic but with 100 days to go, I'm sure we'll find plenty of Gold

11 April, 2012

I've been far too busy Pinteresting

Unless you've been hiding in Google+ waiting for it to 'take off' for the past few months, you must have heard that Pinterest is the best thing since hot buttery sliced toast.

Pinterest at this time, is the fastest-growing social-media site in the world. It lets users visually organize their online world. Simple to use, it serves as an online scrapbook or bulletin board. Visitors create themed boards on which they put photos - A 'Pin'.

With Pinboards full of everything from 'cupcake designs' to 'toilets of hotels' (this could be my next board), it seems everyone is pinning their socks off.


Initially, it appealed to the housewives of America but since landing on these shores, it seems to be a bit cooler. At last we have a visual place where we can catalogue all the stuff we find (P)interesting - whether that be funny, indulgent, historical or you're building up a catalogue of hints, tips and inspiration for anything from Weddings to Star tattoos.

It was a bit like Twitter, we knew that only the cool kids were using it, we had no idea how it worked but we wanted it. It was all about getting the invite, becoming an early adopter - we'll work out how to use it afterwards.

However, unlike Twitter, it is really easy to use and everything's here - and if it's not, you just create a board of it. As we're becoming more visual creatures it's more satisfying looking at pictures than reading something squashed into 140 characters.

Speaking as a copywriter, I realise i'm dumbing down my own profession but there are still plenty of brochures, blogs, mailers and articles that need long sentences of opinions, adjectives and metaphors. And anyway, who says we can't appreciate a picture or a photo of a hotel toilet like normal people?

And that's what's nice about Pinterest, no-one has to worry about writing something witty, funny or controversial just to get people to like/follow us (Twitter). It's less about being socially accepted here. There's a more relaxed vibe here. It's 'this is the stuff I like, if you like it too, then that's groovy.' No-one is as cutting or opinionated here, it's all peace & love for the time being. Of course, the spammers will get here (if they're not here already) and we'll turn on each other, but for the time being, everyone seems to be enjoying the ride.

I suppose the only thing with Pinterest is don't spread yourself too thin. Don't make a board too specific that there's only a couple of things on each. Nothing looks more desperate than an empty board (it makes you look less interesting - that completely contradicts my previous paragraph).

I for one, love the place for the very reason everybody else does. You can see how uncool I am here