21 December, 2008

Cranberry's Facebook Page

Go to www.facebook.com, sign in and find Cranberry Sauce...

Cranberry's Party Political Broadcast


This is the agency Christmas card we did. We had a live turkey we named Cranberry living down in Hampshire and we wanted the general public to vote online at www.getstuffed08.co.uk as to whether they wanted us to 'Cook' or 'Keep' him. We then went down and filmed him and created a Party Political Broadcast which could be viewed on the website. You could also download and print different rosettes depending on what you voted for. 

02 December, 2008


This is the website we created for the agency. We took the old cliche of 'it's the people that make the agency what it is' and decided that if that was the case then it should be the people of should make the website too. 

We created a set and built the website page in the real world. We then filmed all the staff (using stop frame animation) building/painting and dressing the set. We then had them bringing in various props depending on the page (i.e. 5 people filmed bringing in and building a wall made out of cardboard boxes for the 'People' page).

Please check out the site in your own time to see it working properly here.