18 April, 2012

Olympic Shames - #1

With the Olympics just 100 days away, I have taken it upon myself to share with you all the best (and I mean worst) of the products/services that have spent a small African country's budget to be allowed to put some coloured rings next to their logo this summer.

I actually like the Olympic games and if anything, all these promotions will only heighten the anticipation further - if only to find the most awful, possibly inappropriate Olympian relationship.

In no particular order, I begin with Panasonic.

It starts like the opening scene to '28 Days Later' - This is a good and honest start as every Londoner will have vacated the area or been forced to move out as prices from everything from a Starbuck's Latte to a single bus journey will have tripled for the duration.

Not one single frame shows a true reflection of the weather - 2012 umbrellas will be harder to buy than 100M final tickets.

As Jon W (who will be a vital contributor to this said), '...the natural look of wonderment in the 'passers by' is priceless...' 

The fusion of stock film, Olympic footage (tip of the hat for marrying the guys excited expression with the Rhythmic Gymnastics projected on City Hall) and rallying cries of 'Sharing the Passion' have blended together to give us something the world can all look forward to.

It's a strong start from Panasonic but with 100 days to go, I'm sure we'll find plenty of Gold

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