24 September, 2012

Words can't express it...

Over the last few months, my son has been developing his language skills and as he has slowly been coming to grips with vocabulary - verbs, metaphors, adjectives, the use of the tenses - he's also created a number of  indecipherable words. Boo-shoes, dacklallies, up-a-der, baba have (in his native tongue) all become words that are in everyday use. 

So with his ever expanding repertoire of Finn-ish (his name, not the Scandinavian country famous for  Kimi Raikkonen), my thought has been to expand the idea and collate his and everyone else's childhood/offsprings words and compile a 'Baby Dictionary'. 

It seems to have struck a chord, as I've had over 100 submissions already. But what I really need is thousands. If you, your family or your little one has a word or phrase to describe something, I'd love to add it to the blog - anything would be greatly received and all submissions are credited.

You can follow the blog here The Baby Dictionary

You can send me an email here BabyDictionary@mail.com 

And you can follow it on Twitter at twitter.com/babydictionarys

12 September, 2012

Time for a story...

As my kid approaches the terrible twos, I feel I should start to educate him in the ways of the world a little more. I think there's no better time to start this than at bedtime with a new series of books that are just a little bit more real and probably don't all end with 'happily ever after'.

So Finn. Are you sitting comfortably on daddy's lap and enjoying your bedtime bottle? (nod) 

Good, then let's begin...

You can find these and few more badtime stories here