24 September, 2012

Words can't express it...

Over the last few months, my son has been developing his language skills and as he has slowly been coming to grips with vocabulary - verbs, metaphors, adjectives, the use of the tenses - he's also created a number of  indecipherable words. Boo-shoes, dacklallies, up-a-der, baba have (in his native tongue) all become words that are in everyday use. 

So with his ever expanding repertoire of Finn-ish (his name, not the Scandinavian country famous for  Kimi Raikkonen), my thought has been to expand the idea and collate his and everyone else's childhood/offsprings words and compile a 'Baby Dictionary'. 

It seems to have struck a chord, as I've had over 100 submissions already. But what I really need is thousands. If you, your family or your little one has a word or phrase to describe something, I'd love to add it to the blog - anything would be greatly received and all submissions are credited.

You can follow the blog here The Baby Dictionary

You can send me an email here BabyDictionary@mail.com 

And you can follow it on Twitter at twitter.com/babydictionarys

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