19 October, 2012

Quick question for you...

Having worked within the realms of social media for a few years now, one of our key findings as to the behaviour of fans on corporate Facebook pages is that 'less is more'. Ask them to film content, travel to the factory where they make 'Brand X' or essentially do the agency's job of engagement and you instantly set yourself up for failure - get them to click 'like' or reply with a one word answer or similar and you'll get tens, if not hundreds of 'Impressions' and/or interactions.

Pretty obvious stuff really, although it still astounds me on what some brands think their fans will do for a voucher. There's always a smirk in our creative department when some corporation on FB/Twitter want fans to film themselves using the product. Even better is going to the gallery pages afterwards to see all 6 videos featuring the PR team pretending to be the 'public' - I know, we've done it ourselves...(cough) Cadbury Twisted 'Goo on the Loose'.

So when it came to our next Facebook app for McCain and their positioning 'The nations favourite chips', there was pretty much one simple answer - ask the fans if they were having chips tonight.

Click 'Yes' and a random clip of a cheering crowd, laughing goat, dancing air stewards etc. plays to illustrate that joyous feeling that chips are on the menu this evening. Click 'No' and a commiseration clip played - tears, tantrums and sadness fills the screen. There isn't anything more to it. 

Get there attention, get them to engage, entertain them and then leave. 

And so with that. Goodbye.

09 October, 2012

The animated GIF blog finally reaches Adland. It's a few weeks old now so the better stuff is at the beginning, but it's LOL close to the truth...