11 July, 2012

Looking to move on?

As our digital scope broadens, it's been quite nice NOT to do a series of Facebook statuses and do something a bit more digitally substantial that didn't involve a LOL, o/\o or a ; ).

Enter into the frame our Michael Page Interview Technique films.

'Interview Technique films you say. Hell yeah! Let me just get a few more friends and colleagues to gather round so we can all laugh at this together. It's going to be brilliant.'

Alright, it's not the sexiest topic you've ever heard of, but that was part of the challenge. How do we make what is essentially one of the driest and potentially dullest films ever put on the internet, interesting? Fortunately, Michael Page also agreed with this statement - to a point. Yes, we want it to be fun, but also, we want to make sure all the points are made and people remember them - of course they do.

Now I'm not saying they will have you LOL-ing in the aisles, but I'm really rather happy with them considering the topic/budget and I'd go as far as saying they're 'Entertaining'. The chemistry between the two pundits was great and I'd love to have done more stuff with just the two of them. Plus, on personal note, a major coup for us was getting the one and only David Schneider - 'Tony Hayes BBC Controller from Alan Partridge' and of course the Eurostar Train Driver at the end of Mission Impossible - to direct them for us. 

Watch them, but make sure you get a few friends and colleagues to gather round first - they won't want to miss this.