08 December, 2011

It's Christmas time...

A jolly little ditty about good old-fashioned TV advertising at Christmas...

Plus, I couldn't not post up my favourite Christmas 'film' from Tom Kuntz. It's a few year's old now and  seriously NSFW - dark, odd and hilarious to boot.

Warm & Fuzzy Feeling

Merry Xmas.

07 December, 2011

Blog neglect

On my desktop is a folder that says 'Things to Blog' in which I put all the tasty internet nuggets that I think are worthy of this blog (there's even some new work to put up). The problem is, I've been seeing another blog. I know it's just a fad and it won't last but we're just having a bit of fun. 

I didn't intend to cheat on HBT, but hopefully you'll understand why I have.

It's called 'Christmas all wrapped up' and it's an homage to that advertising line that we are all guilty of using at least once in our (brief) careers. With such a classic line we (my creative peers) thought it would be interesting to document how many times and companies use this festive slogan to Christmas up their ad campaigns. It started as a bit of a joke but as we're up to about 30 individual posts it's actually quite interesting to see where it gets used and compelling as to where it will pop up next.

Most of the posts are from the UK however, we're hoping our international Adland brethren will get involved and send us any CAWU spots. 

Anyway, I'll stop talking it up and let you judge for yourself whether HBT deserves to be neglected.

Btw, if you see a CAWU slogan yourself please take a pic. 

(Apologies HBT, I won't use you to promote my other blog again.)

See you in January