06 July, 2011

Would the last creative please turn off the lights.

Like someone revealing all the tricks of the magic circle, someone has gone public on how (as a creative) we come up with the right solution for digital. Well it was fun while it lasted.

Here it is:


05 July, 2011

These are my new commuter friends now.

The only thing missing is the 'Sevenoaks' platform sign. Pink Converse get some very odd looks at 08:11.

04 July, 2011

The Big Bus Challenge 2011

Campaign/Marketing magazine recently ran a competition within the industry to help promote the media hub that is the humble bus side. The competition could be for any existing client regional or national - the prize being 200k worth of free bus-vertising. Having worked with Paddy Power we've just entered our idea to promote their poker site with our own intepretation 'Bus Poker' which uses it's passengers as the cards. Here's our entry and an explanation of the idea. Who knows if it'll win, but it's nice to do a bit of spec/comp stuff. I think off the back of it, we'll look to do a lot more of it.

The idea

Paddy Power Bus Poker is an idea that adds a touch of poker fun to waiting for a bus.

The bus panels act as both our ‘Card Table’ and direct viewers to a website/Facebook page that explains how to play ‘Bus Poker’ in a series of films and guides and subsequently promotes the wide range of poker games available at PPP.com.

How to Play
The main premise is that people sat within a designated section on the bus are the 'Cards' and players (between 2 and 4) use them in an interpretation of Poker. After deciding who starts (the big blind), the first bus to arrive will act as his/her 'hand'.

* On the bus, a section of a row of five seats acts as a hand of cards.
* The first player can play or fold.
* The remaining player/s wait for subsequent buses to receive their hands. The winner is (like poker) the one with the best hand.
* Players can add a cash incentive but all players must agree this beforehand.

Card values
Cards are denoted by age and sex:
* OAPs = Aces
* Men = Kings
* Women = Queens
* Teenagers = Jacks
* Children =10s

E.G: 2 women, 2 men and an OAP = Poker hand of 2 pairs (Kings & Queens)