26 August, 2010

Gold, well gold looking anyway.

Well with things being a bit slow today, why not a bit of self-appreciation then? The results are in for the IAAA (eh?) and I've won a Gold and two Silvers. That's right, the judging in Chicago has concluded and they've announced that my Lotus Mailpack has won a Gold at the 'International Automotive Advertising Awards'.

I must say i'm quite chuffed, it probably means very little, but the trophy looks like a 1920's Chrysler hood ornament and an award is an award and a nice addition to the CV. I also got a Silver for the Peugeot 'Bandages' pack, which is further down this blog and another Silver for the Lotus pack again - which I don't understand, but i'll take it. So what does this 'Gold' standard of automotive creative genius look like?

Well, the idea was to dramatise that the new Lotus Evora was a desirable sports coupe that was for drivers who want to drive a sports car and who knew what driving a sports car actually meant. Unlike other 'Sportscars' that are for city boys and the image concious wannabe's, the Evora was pitched as a proper sports car.

Also, with just a limited run of 400 being made a year, we wanted to dramatise that only a few would ever get to drive one, let alone own one.

The idea therefore was to send an Evora brochure to potential customers and owners of similar kinds of sports cars. On the front envelope was a fairly innocuous message that read:

'Be one of only 400 people to own a Lotus Evora'

On opening, you would discover the brochure had a white contrasting bellyband around it with the second part of the line:

'However, if you're too late to get one, there are 1000's of cars available at www.porsche.com.

Once opened, we then designed and wrote an elegant and concise brochure just showing off the car and it's key attributes. Apparently this tone of voice (understated arrogance) resonated with our key demographic and all the cars we're sold within a matter of weeks.

Job done and a Gold to boot.

Definitely something I could've done with today.

Not that I'm complaining, but I wouldn't mind something to do now...the real creativity today will come when I have to do my timesheets - you can only do so much 'Admin'

12 August, 2010

Krave - Doing the social media right

This is what it actually looks like...

We've actually given away some pretty amazing prizes too! DVD Projectors, USB Drumkits and VW Camper/Surfer trips to Cornwall. This run then culminated in a massive big summer giveaway of two tickets to see the Kings of Leon in LA, which went for 1.7 Million Choc Chunks. We also had special 4ft boxes of Krave commissioned as prizes which held over 60 boxes which people went Krave-y for.

Keep your eyes peeled for the Autumn when the Choc Exchange returns...as soon as I've finished this, I'm writing the copy for the new prizes which are pretty damn good, if I do say so myself.

10 August, 2010

I am a very proud father of the Creme Egg Facebook page today.

Yesterday, all our blood, sweat and tears finally paid off in cultivating the Facebook page for the last 2 years as we surpassed 1,000,000 fans/likes. I feel quite honoured/powerful that so many people have passed through our social media shop...

It's August 10th so here's a few facts about Bacon...Nom Nom Nom

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