31 January, 2012

Kid Logo Recognition

My 18-month old son recognises the Apple logo. He recognises that he can't touch these things and therefore his entire life is devoted to the capture and destruction of said products. He's almost been successful on a couple of attempts. Be afraid iPhone, iPad and AppleTV, be very afraid.

30 January, 2012

Wandering down memory lane near the Alps

I'll be blatantly honest and tell you I robbed these from an old Art Directors Facebook photo album. Ever since we went our separate ways nearly 7 years ago, I never got a copy of these. Well, as we did them together, I think it only fair I should at least take half the credit (He, on the other hand makes no reference to my existence or any of the other work there we did 'together'). So, Ben, if you're reading this, it'd be super-wicked if you could send me these and a few others, high res if you have them.

 P.S. There's a typo in the Co-op ad - proof it's my work if ever it was needed.

27 January, 2012

This is going to turn out well...

Don Winslow - The Dawn Patrol
Page 45

It's weird - where you used to see signs that read NO SHIRT, NO SHOES, NO SERVICE and might just as well have added NO ENFORCEMENT, now you see a sign in the club doorways banning gang colours, hats, hooded sweatshirts, and any gang related gear.

Not far off in hindsight.

25 January, 2012

Scream if you want to lose an arm faster

I do love a good PR stunt.
However you try and sugar coat it, this is a great way to promote a scary and exciting new roller coaster.

Read the full article here: SWARM

24 January, 2012

More love for the cassette

Following on from my Mixtape app post, this appears on my Google Reader path. I don't know why, but it kind of feels that these two should somehow work together. Failing that, the website could be a great bit of PR to help get the film off the ground. So, I may not have donated any money but you can have the idea instead... I'll leave it right here if you want it.

Everyone's Mixtape.

20 January, 2012

My first bread related Toast post of 2012

Working as a creative in Adland can take you to some weird corners of the internet. Today we're looking at bread and I happened to stumble upon CM-302 (my favourite of all the bread slicing machines). However it wasn't the way it slices or the great use graphics, no, for me, it was the 80s style sitcom music that accompanies the footage that made me fall in love with this golden YouTube nugget.

Light, jazzy with upbeat use of brass instruments. I can just imagine all the scrapes and comedy mishaps that happen in the factory where they all end up laughing round the CM-302 machine as someone comes up with a bread based pun at the end of the show - 'I KNEAD a sit down after that!"- cue the canned laughter. This sounds like such a great idea now, this SHOULD be a sitcom.

Will someone please add to the footage 'CM-302 is filmed before a live studio audience'

18 January, 2012

Who's in the mood for Flap Jacks?

Proof that you can't make anything sexy by adding women in bikinis. Although I do fancy some pancakes now. So that's a win I suppose.

17 January, 2012

I made you a Mixtape...

It's nothing new, but there's something charming and old skool about the website with its handscript font and TDK C90 slowly revolving.

Over the last year there's a little box on the righthand side of this blog called Ear Candy. Up until now, its just been a long list of tracks that I've been listening to. Now, thanks to this little gem I can turn them into a virtual playlist to give my millions (all four of you) readers an insight to my monthly musical taste.

I haven't explored to many other mixtape compilations but i'm sure there's some good stuff there to. Anyway, click Everyone's Mixtape and press Play and Record at the same time.

10 January, 2012

Christmas finally all wrapped up

Happy 10th January New Year.

Two days after the festivities and a pitch hits us squarely across the eyes. So all the time I was going to spend finding something 'well funny' or clever to post on my blog has disintegrated. A week later and as the pitch hits its climax, I'm aware that i've not posted anything on here and we're 10 days into 2012. So in a panic, all I'm left with is the folder 'Things to Blog' on my desktop. There's some good stuff in there but it feels so 2011 that I'm ashamed to even consider posting them. 

I can't even hide behind a new blog - who'd be interested in a 'January Sales all wrapped up' blog anyway? 

I promise they'll be better stuff. Otherwise, I'll be following in my father's footsteps of searching the web for old clipart jokes, girls with big boobs and Larson cartoons about the internet circa 1996.