19 October, 2011

How to perk up a mid-week lull

What better way to lighten the mood than witha picture of dog and a cat dressed as the blues brothers, a talking cow and a Kevin Bacon/Steve Jobs gag. My work here is done. Afternoon everyone.

10 October, 2011

Lion takes no prisoners

I recently (after 3 years of moaning and whinging) finally got a new mac at work. OK, it's only a mini, however just to be on the 'intel' side of the fence has been a bonus. Having had a few weeks with it now, i've discovered that the operating software is somewhat more 'bloody' and straight to the point. If you ever needed proof that the machines would one day rise up and destroy us all, then this is a pretty good indication.

06 October, 2011

Down(town) Time

Every once in a while we get a few precious hours to self-reflect, tidy up our work spaces, clear away the mountain of (now) dead briefs and recharge before doing battle with another slightly warped proposition. In this time, occasionally I like to change my screensaver from a photo of my cool, year-old son in his latest Adidas kicks just to keep things fresh.

And this is by far the 'Phreshest' saver i've had in a while - Out Run this 90s bad boy. (Don't worry Finn, daddy will change it back shortly.)