17 March, 2010

FlashForward Yourself

This is the work we've just done for Channel FIVE promoting the return of FlashForward to our screens. The brief was to produce a social media campaign to promote this so we came up with the idea of a FlashForward generator on Facebook. By clicking on the FlashForward Yourself button it will tell you what you'll be doing 6 months in the future (just like the premise of the show) and post it in your FB Status. This would then appear in all your friends news feeds and help promote the show.

From the banal to the extreme, I had to write over 1000 of these flashforwards so there would be a large variety of events - although it felt like a very dark trip into my psyche once we'd done the ordinary ones. The aim is to recruit 50,000 fans, so far we have 15,725 - fingers crossed we reach it.

My favourite FF I wrote?

'In my FlashForward I was putting bricks into a pillowcase'

15 March, 2010

More Toast sightings - Toast a new religion

Creme Egg iPhone Splat-plication

As part of the Creme Egg 2010 Campaign we also did CMW's and Cadbury's first ever iPhone app. Consisting of two different games, once you downloaded it from the App store you could either 'Scramble' an Egg or play 'Egg marks the Spot'.

'Scramble' the egg uses the iPhones acceleromter so you can shake the egg and get it to release its goo. Once the egg has splatted you can then play with the goo and rub it all over the screen.

'Egg marks the Spot' uses LAYAR type technology whereby we can overlay images onto the real world using the iPhones camera - taking this technology we placed Creme Eggs around the country at various famous landmarks incl: The BT Tower, Stonehenge, The Angel of the North and Land's End to name a few.

By going to these landmarks and opening the application, you can then see the egg at the location. Pressing on the egg then gets it to goo and links to the 'Your Country needs Goo' game where you can win a gooey prize.

The App went live on the 12th March and by the 13th it had become the #1 Free Download in the country. At this time, it's still at the top spot (15th) and we've had over 7000 comments so far.

Never had a number 1 before, but I could get used to it.

Update: 16/03/2010
So far it's been downloaded 221,894 times and has 10,858 reviews

Update: 29/03/2010
Downloads - 380,478, Reviews - 20,884

Update: 07/04/2010
Downloads - 513,047, Reviews - 26,611

01 March, 2010

Simple, Stupid, Sensational

That's all folks...

Egg-Mented Reality - AR Creme Egg 2010

As part of this year's Creme Egg campaign and 'Your country needs Goo' game we have produced our (and Cadbury's) very first augmented reality experience - 'Egg-memted Reality'.

By going to the ER page on the Creme Egg website, there are set of instructions showing you how you can release the Creme Egg that's trapped inside the AR card. By printing out the special marker card and placing it infront of your web cam, it projects a 3D image of a Creme Egg messing about with the classic office toy the 'Newton's Cradle'. It then plays out until once again a Creme Egg comes to a very sticky end.