26 January, 2010

The truth is more harrowing than fiction

Now all we need clearing up is 'street corner Barbie' and the circle is complete.

Robot Wars - Japanese Style

Currently my favourite lunchtime web-joyment. Build your own monster from USBs, Memory sticks, Hard-drives and then fight against the best to create an all powerful, killing machine

21 January, 2010

Cadbury Wispa

Taking the thought that it was the adoring fans that brought back the Wispa, we thought it should be the fans who decide what went on the website too. We initially proposed what went on, but we wanted the fans to input on whether things should stay or go and submit their own ideas that we would produce and post up.

So with that in mind, we initially created a range of different playgrounds where people can just have some fun with Wispa and celebrate the love they all have for the bar.

This included creating zones where you can either personalize your very own Wispa wrapper, play with the Wispa soundboard (whereby you can also record your very own Wispa anthem) and a Room 101, where fans can submit items to be disposed of to make way for the Wispa. We've got a few other things in the pipe-line but look out for 'Bars in a Jar' which hopefully will appear mid 2010.

See the Wispa site for yourself here.

Finally, a rule we can all adhere to.

Misery Bear - I love his positive outlook on life.

19 January, 2010

Tokyo in a Blade Runner Stylee

Wonderful visual spectacle of Tokyo seen from its subway with a little bit of technological know how and spin.

14 January, 2010

Another Egg-pun-tastic start to the year - Creme Egg '10

2010 and another social media/online campaign for Cadbury Creme Egg kicks off. This year sees a small batch of eggs falling off the back of a delivery lorry, bumping their heads and loosing their memories.

Now it's up to the public to find them (dotted across the internet, plus my very first iPhone app, LAYAR and Augmented Reality executions) and remind all of the little gooey guys that their destiny is to get their goo out to win points and prizes - or something like that.

I'll post up more stuff as it evolves but here's how we started the campaign - We mailed this to the top 300 advocates of Creme Egg just before Christmas as a teaser that the Eggs were on their way and that Goo-ing season was just about to start.

See what's goo-ing on at www.cremeegg.com